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529 West 42nd Street, 3G
NY, NY 10036

Animate Inanimate features fine art photographic silk scarves capturing the rural and urban, organic and inorganic, New York City, construction markings, graffiti, nature, found objects, discoveries, by Gerry Thies.

About Us

A few years ago I became intrigued with the details I started seeing while walking the streets of New York City.  From paint spatters next to a crack in the sidewalk to layers of graffiti on a trestle, I found that isolated beauty that most everyone would just pass by without a second look.   Those discoveries turned into my Microcosm series.   From the urban I then began a similar search with the rural and began finding beauty in our natural environment.   Out of these journeys of visual exploration , ANIMATE INANIMATE was born.  ANIMATE looks at the living, breathing, moving, organic; INANIMATE counters with the static, inactive, still, inorganic.  And of course sometimes they cross paths.

Photography and journey have always been at the core of my artwork.  I love pushing this medium into places that are unexpected.  With the tremendous advancement of digital printing technology, I am very happy that I can now combine my fine art photographic images into tactile and wearable items.  With the first part of this journey with textiles, I am pleased to present to you my silk scarf collection.

Gerry Thies


All designs and all photographs © Gerry Thies



529 West 42nd Street - 3G

New York, New York 10036